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Race Organisers Admin GroupThe Greytown MTB Festival is a ROAG administered event. Please note that to take part, you have to be a valid ROAG member and possess a valid ROAG number (this is free).
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You can then enter the event by going to the ROAG Entries page.
Remember: No ROAG number, no time.


ROAG is very simply an event administration system. That is it! Nothing more sinister than that. A group of event organizers got together and decided to share information and resources in an effort to make administration more efficient and cut costs by pooling resources and increasing buying power. The group has agreed to share this information and buying power with any (not just cycling) event organizer that is prepared to agree to use the ROAG system in accordance with the intentions of the founder members. All we are saying to competitors is that we need your information BEFORE you arrive at the event. In order to provide this, we ask competitors to please register their information on the ROAG website – AT NO COST TO THEM. This way we know who they are and have their correct information before they arrive at the event. This eliminates manual entry forms, capturing data manually, mistakes in prize giving and results, etc etc. If they are not prepared to provide their information before the event, then they cannot expect somebody, at their own cost and time, to sit late into the night capturing data so that Joe Bloggs can get his pictures posted to him. These competitors will be welcome to do the event at the same cost as other late entries, however they will not receive a number board and will not be given a time.

As soon as we sort out certain logistical issues, we will be notifying ROAG members of the procedure for events. We WILL be adding value to ROAG registered riders in the form of number boards, timing systems, seeding structures, efficient entry process, and an interactive and informative website. The plan is to GIVE – for free, ALL ROAG registered people all the tools necessary for accurate and efficient event administration. This way there is NO confusion and everybody ahs the same system (numbering and timing) to work with. The first FULLY ROAG SUPPORTED event will be the JUICY LUCY CLASSIC on 26th April. This event attracted 850 riders in its first year (2008).

If you would like to discuss how ROAG can assist your event administration, or how your event can benefit from the ROAG group buying power, please do not hesitate to contact me.


CLUB ROAG is a sports or social “club” like any other club in the world (NO – not night clubs!!). CLUB ROAG will be registered and affiliated to various sporting bodies in order to provide members the opportunity to be registered with that sporting body and so participate in that sport. The only difference is that the annual affiliation fee to CLUB ROAG is ZERO – free.

Do you have to register with ROAG in order to belong to CLUB ROAG?? YES. Remember, ROAG is an administration system and does the administration for CLUB ROAG. So just like any other club where you fill in paperwork and give it to the secretary for her to process your application, the same happens here. Except there is no secretary, you are filling in your own paperwork on the website, and the website automatically gives you your membership number to the CLUB.

If you register with ROAG do you HAVE to join CLUB ROAG?? NO. Joining CLUB ROAG is completely voluntary. You are welcome to join any club in the world, that is entirely your decision.


Because if you want to be timed at an event that is using the ROAG administration system, you need a ROAG number. Without this number – you will get NO time, or any other data supported backup (photos, batches etc). This includes EVERYBODY – even participants in the 5 & 10km events. After all they also want their photos posted to them.

ROAG will be used at Karkloof Classic, Illovo Eston MTB Challenge, Hill2hill, Juicy Lucy Classic, and at least 8 other events throughout the year. In order to participate in any of these events, you must have a ROAG number.

WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION?? For ALL information on ROAG and CLUB ROAG, please go to www.roag.co.za , or call or email me direct and I will answer any questions you have. SUMMARY

We, the founder members of ROAG, have tried to put a system in place that is for the benefit of fringe (mountain biking, multi sport, adventure racing etc) sports. We are NOT in any way trying to take over the administration of any sport, instead we are merely trying to support the administrative structures that are in place. ROAG is designed to capture the information of those participants who have NO intention of ever affiliating with a governing body.

We have become aware that ROAG is causing some confusion and suspicion in certain circles. Please do not hesitate to call us should you wish to discuss any aspect of ROAG.

Yours in Sport.
Brett Austen Smith
033-3261939 (ph)
033-3261926 (fax)
082 572 4522